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Dec 22, 2005

Hail the Doctor, the Great Exterminator!

Rose: you should have learnt to fly the TARDIS. Yeah, I’m sure it’s unimaginably complex but there is a fast return switch on there somewhere and just think, if Rose had managed to pilot her way back, (or forwards, if you get what I mean,) then perhaps we wouldn’t have got that massive cop-out conclusion.

Don’t get me wrong though, I love Parting of the Ways. It makes no sense in the end but who cares? After 45 minutes of brilliant acting from the man who brought the Doctor to life for a new generation who could give a toss that the Bad Wolf message is redundant. I’d quote an old comment by Neil here, "How can that word suddenly trigger the realisation that the TARDIS can "travel in time" GASP! - or tell her that it has a fast-return switch. "Me here, Doctor there"”.

It typifies the series; Rose leaves the narrow world of chips and pizza and is inspired to save the world. Jack really comes into his own with the rousing speech, making the reports John Barrowman won’t feature in the next series all the worse.

It makes no sense in the end but who cares? After 45 minutes of brilliant acting from the man who brought the Doctor to life for a new generation who could give a toss that the Bad Wolf message is redundant.

Christopher Ecclestone has never been better as the Doctor, from start to finish it’s spot on and every emotion comes across clearly. Depending on which part of Rose you pay attention to,(the pictures of him through different ages or his self-examination in a mirror) this Doctor has spent his whole time with Rose and I am totally sold on the kiss. The entire series almost builds up to it and although watching it with the parents was a tad excruciating, (“the Doctor never did that in my day,”) and then derogatory comments from friends, (“he’s got such massive ears!” and “well, she’s fancied him from the start”) it was entirely appropriate. After the innuendo- overload of the past few weeks you’d have thought one kiss, (OK, maybe four) wouldn’t alarm anyone.

The Ninth Doctor’s final farewell to Rose is another example of the way the entire series is presented, Rose representing the new fans who might not know about this regeneration lark and are as confused by his talk of “changing” as Rose clearly is.

A brilliant episode and a fantastic close to Christopher Ecclestone's reign. I would pick out my favourite bits but they’re exactly the same as everybody else’s; hologram, lip-reading Daleks etc. All I can add is that if the next series is as good as this one there could be no doubt as to the programme’s future. My own enjoyment has been greatly increased by this site: it’s been a pleasure reading your reactions and I’m looking forward to the new Doctor and a new year of reviews.


Of course you have to remember that the photos of the Doctor in the past could have come from his future... lots of 'missing adventures' to come!

Oh my interpretation of that is that they happened in between Rose saying that she had to stay behind the TARDIS going, that then The Doctor returning to tell her that it also travels in time. That he travelled without a companion for a while, realised that he was missed that vital ingredient and went back for another try at Rose because she had that spark he was looking for. He does appear to have turned up in places of the greatest disaster which might have more to do with his guilt complex than anything else.


i think you'ce missing the meaning of the bad wold message to rose. it isn't that the tardis can travel in time. it is that she must* disobey the doctor and take the tardis back to s5, no matter what.

one question. rose reduces the daleks to "dust" but we don't see any dust in the main room she's in with the doctor - we *do* see jack sifting dust from one of the daleks that was going to attack him. however, that dust looks very like the dust rose left benhind when she was meta-transported (or whatever the jargon was) to the dalek ship. so the question: did at least one of these daleks transport off the ship? and could this be the "something" that's coming for jack through the rift (as foretold by suzie) in the torchwood series?

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