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Nov 18, 2005

You wouldn't let it lie....

I mean come on.... 3 minutes and we almost *almost* reach the titles without a joke about a bodily function and then... a "time burp".

Good old Dr Who, good old RTD...

Anyway where was I? Where were you? Oh wait ... not in Barcelona. While Rose gets to wonder what no frills time travel trip she's on... "We would have been going to Barcelona but the Captain isn't feeling too great so instead we'll head back to London.... or Cardiff and you can get a bus back to London." all I have to say is...

Well that's a good trailer.

Which it is, but that's all. A quick update for everyone covering the whole "regeneration" thing nicely. Fingers crossed the whole "regeneration problem" which as we all know has never once happened before.... will sort out the Scottish accent for the good Doctor. Of course Posh Scottish will do thanks very much - but at least Scottish please. If we can have a professional Northerner... surely we can up an upgrade to Scotland :)

Well time to go... see you all at Christmas.


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