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Nov 03, 2005

Incidentally, a happy Christmas to all of you at home

It's official. The Doctor Who Christmas Special will air on BBC1 on Christmas Day itself!

Go here for the short statement on the official BBC page.

No news on a time yet, but I'm hoping it will be in the evening "let's all sit down and watch some telly" slot rather than the "let's all stuff our faces and pass out" early afternoon.


Well according to the countdown screensaver it's 1 month, 21 days and 7 hours but that just gets you to midnight on the 24th so it doesn't help with the time of the show. Wow, what a completely useless comment...

I was dreading this. Don't get me wrong, I'm sure it'll be the jewel in the crown for the BBC this Christmas - a 6-7pm Only Fools and Horses style annilhilation of the competition and all that.

BUT I won't be able to watch it properly. With my wife's extended family I'll either be a) pissed b) surrounded by kids and half-pissed adults c) asleep or d) stuck in someone else's house while Jive Bunny is piped through the speakers.

Terrible, terrible news

Oh God. I've just remembered I have the mother-in-law over to stay on Christmas Day - and she has a total aversion to the telly being on AT ALL on December 25th.

I can hope she will get sloshed enough over dinner to pass out by the time it starts, or at least it's an excuse to escape upstairs for an hour. Or maybe I will just be a horrible son-in-law and make her watch it. Twice.

Heh heh heh.

Christmas Day, Doctor Who and families - what a combination.

use the "in my house you follow my rules" line and see what happens!

I think it's fantastic news, it's exactly what I was hoping for.

I'd have prefered a Boxing Day slot but hey this shows just how much faith the BBC has in the show at the mo

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