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Jul 06, 2005

The Doctor Dances Some More

A quick snippet from this month's SFX magazine that I haven't seen anywhere else.  In a slightly random move, Charles Dance turned up for the press screening of The Parting Of The Ways.  The magazine suggests that he might be a future candidate for The Master, which would be fabulous really.  Except aren't all the timelords supposed to be gone except for The Doctor?  But hold on ... he hasn't really been a timelord for years.  He's been inhabiting the forms of other beings.  Oooh interesting ...


Also in the same issue of SFX, there was also a very 'interesting' interview with John Barrowman in which he admits he has three plastic boxes - THREE! - of porn, only wears white underpants and has had sex on an aeroplane. In first class.

Other Doctor Who appearences were two mentions in 'When Worlds Collide' (The Fourth Doctor hosts Disney Time and The Dalek's Invade Schools' Prgrams), The Couch Potato group watching the first episode of The Pyramids of Mars, a special on the Daleks (which is FAR too long to reprint here, unless it's as a seperate post), a Season One overview, which is where Stuart spotted the little snippet he's mentioned (Interestingly, SFX rated the series 4 1/2), a review of Colin Baker's Revalation of the Daleks (Again, 4 1/2), a question about the Master's bizarre regeneration sequence (Again, a bit too long to reprint here) and a list of 8 Doctor Who actors with silly names. Not to mention the special on what people wanted from Season 2, which I typed up in the 'Next Time on Doctor Who' thread.

And here's that quote in full...
"Charles Dance was spotted at the BBC's press screening of "Parting of the Ways." The "Charles Dance is the Master" rumours start here...

hmmm, well apparently he is having a midlife crisis as well so good luck to him!

It wasn't really a press screening, it was a BAFTA screening - anybody who was a BAFTA member could get in, I believe, so perhaps he just happened to be there and fancied it?

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