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Jul 05, 2005

It's started...

Just when you thought there was no more fun to be had with season one, the awards season has already begun. ITV's website has opened voting for the National Television Awards, one of countless ceremonies that seem to be around these days. You can vote for Doctor Who in the 'Most Popular Drama' category, and for Chris and Billie in the actor and actress categories.

Who fans are usually great at block voting and fixing these sorts of polls so that our show wins, usually without any real organisation - there are just so many of us we beat the splintered votes of other shows. So come on - it's time to start fixing up some awards for the show!

Click here now to vote!

...and may the best show win.



And while we are vote rigging, can you please make sure you vote for Hollyoaks and The Green Wing too, please?

I'll give you The Green Wing, but Hollyoaks? Really?

It's the only sensible choice out of any of the soaps.

Kevin - Have to agree. I thought "Nah, not Hollyoaks" but then I saw the other choices...

Oh dear. I voted for EastEnders. To be honest, I don't watch any of them and have no idea what they're about or how good they are, but the site doesn't allow you to skip a section. I also had to guess for the best newcomer, best reality TV and the daytime TV section but chose Countdown simply because I at least used to watch it when I was a student.

I feel like I watch loads of television, but just not a lot of what is listed! Anyway, fingers crossed that the current Who hype will carry Michael Grade's new favourite show to the top...

Best reality tv show .... erm ....

yep all done, I voted for Emmerdale and Angus Deayton, someone had to

And can anyone tell me when serial came to mean soap? "Most Popular Serial" was the heading for what was apparently "Most Popular Soap".

It's to make the producers of those soaps-that-claim-not-to-be calm down and not get annoyed at being in that category. The same way that the BAFTAs call their equivalent category "Continuing Drama", so that the producers of Casualty and The Bill don't get upset and being in it along with EastEnders and Coronation Street and the like.

Ugh. I had to make some appaling choices in that.

Best Soap? I went for Corrie, cause I used to watch it and the Richard Hillman plot kicked Eastenders' arse.

Best Reality Show? I went for Hell's Kitchen, cause the first series had Gordon Ramsey, whom I voted for Best Presenter.

And Best Newcomer? The guy from The Bill, cause he had the same first name as me. (Yes, you heard it here first - my name is really Chris Marsden. How boring.)

eastenders has won the best popular soap at the national television awards soooooooooo glad go eastenders. oh poor corrie

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