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Jun 12, 2005

The Ratings Wolf

The overnight ratings are out for last night's battle of the doctors ...

Doctor Who  6.2 million (35.91% share)
Doctor Dolittle  3.5 million (21.2% share)

The ITV ratings are surprisingly high, but unbelievably, I think there is still some resistence to our favourite series.  Equally unbelievably my parents finally got around to watching last night because we had some visitors and they wanted to watch it.  Mum pronounced it 'Not bad...' but then, I suspect,  regretted saying anything at all as I started jabbering on about Time Wars and Bad Wolf.


As a side note, I'm sorry I haven't been too active in posting reviews around here and letting the side down. Partly it's because everyone else is saying all of things I want to and I'm not very good at repetition. But mostly its because in the times when I've known I was going to be reviewing the show I've found myself thinking about what I'm going to write while it was on, forming an opinion. Whilst that works for Bergman movies it really pulls you out of the action of the episode and I decided I wanted to enjoy the series on its own terms.

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