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Jun 30, 2005

Meet the Authors: Neil Perryman

NeilAge: 35
Location: County Durham, UK
Homepage: Watching Too Much Telly and Tachyon TV
Earliest Dr Who memory: Episode 3 of 'The Carnival of Monsters', Feb 10th, 1973. I was 3 and a half years old.
Favourite Doctor Who TV Story of all-time: 'The Empty Child/The Doctor Dances'
And on the opposite end of the spectrum: 'Timelash'
Favourite Doctor: the 4th
Favourite Companion: Rose
Favourite Doctor Who Novel: 'Alien Bodies' by Lawrence Miles
Favourite Doctor Who Audio: 'The Chimes of Midnight' by Rob Shearman
Favourite Doctor Who Website: Outpost Gallifrey
Favourite non-Who Website: Digital Spy
Favourite Film: Jaws
Favourite TV Show: GBH (still unsurpassed)
I enjoy listening to: Tangerine Dream, Pink Floyd and New Order
I enjoy reading: Neal Stephenson and Stephen Baxter.
Other sci-fi I enjoy: Farscape, Battlestar Galactica v2, Firefly, Babylon 5 and Blake's 7.
Thing that irritates me the most: mayonnaise on 95% of all sandwiches on sale in the UK. Ennui.
Favourite joke: What do you call someone who used to like tractors but doesn't anymore? An extractor fan!
Guilty Pleasures: 'Loose Women' (the TV show, of course), 'Hollyoaks' and American Reality TV shows.
Reasons for Blogging: a mixture of ego, discipline and an unrequited love for the show.

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Glad to see that there is another individual who thinks that GBH is one of the best dramas of the modern age.

Robert Lyndsay has yet to better his portrayl of the increasingly eccentric Michael Murray.

And it's got Daleks in it too!

...and was of course produced by Miss Verity Lambert.

you still doing the parkour stuff then matey?

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