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Apr 10, 2005

Sky Plus

Sky Plus went pearshaped for the second week in a row. Despite the fact the the record light was on and there were no error messages (like missed start or a missing signal) the first 15 mins of last night's episode have mysteriously vanished.

A similar thing happened to me last week - but that time only 5 mins were missing.

I've had Sky Plus for 18 months now and it's only ever missed three recordings (and two of them were Doctor Who). Add this to the Norton Invasion in 'Rose' and it means I still haven't been able to record a flawless BBC1 transmission.

Is this a conspiracy to get me to buy those bloody vanilla DVD releases?

I've checked the OG Forums and it appears that a significant number of people have have suffered exactly the same problem.

So, I'll have to wait for BBC3 again (complete with annoying bugs) until I can properly review the episode...


Weird. I lost the first minute or so of last weeks BBC1 episode, despite having a five minute overhang, and last night's recording by the friend I'm visiting for the weekend completely failed, too.

Fingers crossed that tonight's logo-stamped recording works!

Apparently it was Sky updating the software (see the Restoration Team discussion board). Great time to pick really. Thank Rassilon I have freeview.

Very similar for me too. My red light came on 2 minutes before the start, everything seemed fine, I turned to BBC3 to watch Confidential afterwards, again all fine. Then I turned onto my Sky+ planner, but "The Unquiet Dead" was nowhere to be found at all!!!!!

There is a new Sky+ software update which has begun its rollout in the last two days according to a feature on "digitalspy", but I don't seem to have any of those new functions either. I just hope this update includes some bug fixes. All my problems seem to start to happen when I have two programmes recording simultaneously, e.g. in this case the end of Doctor Who and the start of DWC (because I have gone into the set up and added an extra 2 mins to either end of all recordings).

I've had a number of problems with my Pace 3100 PVR2 Sky+ box - lots of failed recordings, frozen recordings and finally out of space errors. I tried a full system reset, but the problems came back within days.

It seems this is caused by the PVR continually trying to read bad sectors on the disk...

In the end I took the opportunity to upgrade to a 250GB drive from xtendedplay. They supply CE drives especially designed for PVRs:


They supplied a full kit with a handy security screwdriver set and instructions that my mum could follow.. :)

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