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Apr 01, 2005

It's not the end of the world...

Well, not until tomorrow anyway!

I was amazed to wake up this morning and find that things had evidently gotten so bad that Shaun Lyon had decided to temporarily close the Outpost Gallifrey forums. As I'm sure the vast majority of people reading this will know, OG is the most popular Who fansite on the web by far - for good reason, it's the very best - and its discussion forum is the largest arena for Doctor Who fan debate and discussion ever created, with some eight thousand-odd members at last count.

The fact that Shaun's decided it needs to be shut for a 'cooling-off' period - something that he's never, ever done before - shows just how doo-lally this week's events have sent fandom. I hate to think about some of the stuff that's been said about Eccleston this week. Yes, I wasn't thrilled, but personal attacks are another matter.

I hope this works, and helps online fandom as a whole take stock. Yes, it's turned things a little sour - the opening part of the Ninth Doctor comic strip in DWM seems like a bitter false dawn, his face on the cover a mocking irony... But life does indeed go on.

I've come up with a new plan to get my enthusiasm for episode two back up on high - watch an episode of something like Time and the Rani beforehand to remind myself of the contrast between what we've got now and what we've had before. Do you think it'll work?


So, within a matter of days DW fandom became cool again, and then quickly turned into a foam-mouthed bunch of death-threat issuing loonies. I guess we can look forward to The Sun reporting that Eccles has a round-the-clock guard to protect him, when they get wind of this.

On the plus side, I see an ITV strike is threatening their programming at the end of next week, so maybe we can look forward to some City Of Death scale ratings?

Think I'll try The Time Meddler to remind me how lucky we are now, it'll be very handy to lull me to sleep during the traditional news announcement small hours of the morning.

Hey, I love "The Time Meddler"! I think it was probably the first full First Doctor story I ever saw, actually, the first episode of his I saw being the pilot back in '91...

Anyway, yes the ITV strike looks interesting - it's apparently going to run for 36 hours from 7am on Friday 8th, which means until 7pm on Saturday 9th, so hopefully it could well take the Geordies off the air!

The channel won't be completely blank I should think, but I'd guess it'd take live shows out of the question and force them to run some canned shows or films and such.

Well all said and done if you can't use OG at present you can always visit us at:

We have a forum thats been running a while, a blatant plug but what they hey is what I say!

According to RTD in an interview with icWales, Eccleston had only intended to do 13 episodes and we will be seeing the story of his departure unfold on screen.

The URL is:


Thanks for posting that link - very interesting stuff, the first comments we've had from Davies on both the ratings and the re-casting kerfuffle. He doesn't sound too perturbed, but then as he happily admits in the latest DWM, he's an interview whore, telling anyone exactly what they want to hear...

I hope those qotes about it being planned from the off are circlated widely - people might calm down a bit.

I thought this was probably the case and it looks like I was right. Again!

On the other hand, let's hope this Daily Mail piece doesn't reach Chris's ears... For their sake, as he's probably likely to sue!


There's a similar angle at Sky.com, though suggesting that they had to rewrite the series ending, contradicting RTD's interview.


So now Eccles has quit because the Doctor was too gay?

This piece of trash maskerading as journalism wouldn't have anything to do with the fact that The Mail hated RTD's Queer As Folk with a vengeance and therefore everything he has written since then MUST be gay-orientated?

Never has a newspaper been such a waste of good trees.

The media obsession with New Who continues, as even OG's forum suspension makes the news as its own story:


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