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Mar 31, 2005

Waiting for...

Chin up, people. We've still got 14 more episodes to look forward to regardless of what has happened today.

If you'd like to speculate on who will be the 10th Doctor you'd better hurry up because I think the BBC will want to counteract the Chris news with the Tennant news pretty sharpish. By the end of the week, I reckon.

So, we'll have to be quick about this.

I'd like to see any of the following: Tennant (thankfully!), Nighy or Morrissey (that's David, not Stephen Patrick)

Names I don't want to see: Head, Davies or McGann

Over to you... (hurry up!)



Lumley? :)


George Irving always used to be a favourite of mine for the role back in the dark old days.

I don't want to see some arsey posh git in the role and whoever it is better be able to stomach being the Time Lord and better hang about for a good few years!

If it isn't David Tennant then if Russell was to plunder someone already used in his drama, then what about Aidan Gillen. They need someone who hasn't got a Hollywood career waiting to happen. Hey maybe it will be Peter O' Toole :)

Please NOT Daniel Craig - although he may be "too big" now (thankfully!)

Robert Carlyle in the style of Begbie.

"No ***** leaves till we find out who exterminated that wee Exillon lassie"

"Destroy this" Headbuts a Cyberman, "Not so ****** Excellent now ya ****** silver ****"

The BBC poll of their favourites has Richard E Grant ahead...


How about Paul Darrow?

William Shatner?

Patrick Stuart?

However I'm saying this now in Jest - but you know it could almost work...

Lenny Henry - playing it without any comedy stuff like he did in that School thing on BBC1.

One idea I also liked was the "Stunt" casting... When we'd have the same assistant cross over with all the other Doctors. We'd follow Rose all the way in one story but she'd bump into Davidson, McCoy, McGann, Baker (but both of them are rather portly), Ecclescakes and finally a new Doctor.

It's time travel people why not use it?

Oh and one last name to throw out there....

Darren Brown...

Oh wait he's to play the Master.

Keith Chegwin?

Shane Richie?

The big money is on the dramatic comeback of Roland Rat Superstar...He saved Breakfast TV...now he has firmly set his sights on saving the Universe and Saturday tea-time viewing.

I've posted this elsewhere, but someone mentioned the following chap on Wales Today this evening:

Rhys Ifans.

Welsh, able to do a posh accent - do we really want gritty, working class again after Eccles? - and mad as a fu**ing march hare.

Anyone care to agree?

I also agree with Sean that Rhys Ifans would make an excellent Doctor...but we do need someone who can commit to the series for a couple of years. I would be happy to get 2 or 3 years out of them instead of 5.

Word I've got is nothing short of amazing...

Chris Eubank!!!

BBC insiders think he's completely right for the role - hitting all the right notes. Mad, famous, physical, ecentric and he's supplying his own wardrobe!

However Billie Pipper has quit after they signed Eubank as it's "one chris too many for me. and the last two didn't stick around very long either".

Jeniffer Ellison turned down the assistant role and Natasha Kaplinski from BBC Breakfast and Strictly Come Dancing is the new assistant.

Just seen a name on a shortlist of five over at the BBC site (link below) and it's one I've not heard mentioned before (with the others being, unsurpisingly, David Tennant, Bill Nighy, Richard E Grant, and Alun Davies), and the name was David Thewlis. I am loving this idea and it certainly seems to be a good fit for the direction the new series is taking.


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