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Mar 22, 2005

Project: Who?

Wow, now that was spoilerific! I won't give anything away but we heard loads of clips from lots of different episodes. And it all sounds great to me (especially that bit from episode six!).

It was a marvellous documentary really - all about the future and how we actually got here - but it will also inevitably fuel the 'Chris to Leave' brigade with quotes like "If you throw enough shit..." and our star moaning about the scripts repeating themselves. It took Tom Baker five seasons to work that one out. Slightly worrying, it has to be said.


I had to keep turning the sound down to avoid all the clips they played! Luckily only ended up hearing a couple of small spoilers... The interviews were all great - didn't Lorraine Heggessey sound fab?

I kept getting goosebumps when I heard some of the dialogue- just heightened the excitement up another notch!

Great programme - must remember to listen next week too!

I'm wondering if Chris is a bit over tired with all these interviews.

Suddenly he's not only an actor but is a real "STAR" which I don't think sits well with him.

What would be interesting is to know when all the interviews are being recorded. If there's a pattern of things getting worse then it shows he might very well be fed up of it.

However someone pointed out to me that there is good news and a back up plan in place should Chris quit....

It's a time travel show and Paul McGann is unemployed... So why not jump back a Doctor? No need to regenerate or anything!

I was amazed by just how spoilerific the whole thing was. Now, I'm a bit of a whore when it comes to spoilers - bring it all on, I say. I'm the kind of guy who likes to shake the presents and find out what's inside. But Project Who was far more than I expected - so many revelations, including ("Doc...") one which I really never expected to get before the show itself aired. Wonderful and enthusiastic and insightful. I'm starting to think that someone's slipping happy pills into the BBC water suply.

Anyone else notice how 8th doctory the new version's dialogue sounded?

When I heard Project Who I thought they got the transmission date wrong! There is so much stuff from the new series in there and the more I hear of Chris as the Doctor the more I like him. There have been rumblings on the forums the last few days, I can only put this down to pre episode one tension. Why people are in such a hurry to diss is beyond me, have no lessons been learned from the past? I seem to remember that it was this type of fan dissention that contributed in part to the show being 'rested'. Well we (The Time Meddlers) for one can be counted as fans who are totally behind the show and we like it and will watch every episode (probably hundreds of times!)

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