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Mar 29, 2005

Kenny Bruce is not afraid...

Like a good episode of the series it essayed, tonight's Project Who on Radio 2 was filled with thrills and chills.  All of the talk of a second season and thirds and fourths unless something utterly silly happened (10.5 million.  Do I need to say it again?)  The great moment when Nick Briggs, talking about the essence of the series was interspersed with moments from each Doctor.  All the talk of Gallifreyan colours in the design work.  Dave Golder from SFX name checking a bunch of sci-fi which you're not likely to hear talk of anywhere else on Radio Two (not unless Ken Bruce suddenly reveals a crush on Eliza Dushka anyway).

But oh the chills, chief of which continues to be Chris Eccleston.  Erm, why does he keep referring to the series in the past tense, as though its done and dusted and he's moving on to the next project?  I draw your attention to the moment (I'm paraphrasing) when he says he hasn't quite come to grips with what he's done and he looks forward to sitting down in two or three years and seeing what he's done.  But Chris -- if this is a success, aren't going to still be playing the part in two or three years?  I keep look at the title of the final episode, The Parting of the Ways.  It has a certain funerial feel to it.  Are we hinting at a regeneration this early into the run?  Is that going to be the big series cliffhanger?  Is Chris just playing with us as a kind of misdirection, or is something else going on?

On a lighter note, I was flicking through Damaged Goods, Russell T Davies Virgin New Adventure novel and noticed that one of the main families has the surname Tyler.  This seems to be a popular surname for Russell, as there was a Ruth Tyler in Revelations, Vince Tyler in Queer As Folk and a Johnny Tyler in The Second Coming.  Well, Terry Nation had his Tarrant I suppose ...


'Esme Harkness' is another one - crops up in both "Century Falls" and "The Grand".

"Project: Who" was very good again, although I agree Eccleston's comment that 'I've done the long haul' was slightly worrying. Nobody else involved in the production seems the least bit concerned however, or at least they're not showing it, so they must know what's going on.

My favourite part was Julie Gardner realising she'd made up a 14th episode! :-D

Two words: David and Tennant

I've said before that Tennant would be good, but judging by the tradition they'd be wanting to go for someone completely different I think. I'd imagine that Tennant would be a little too close to Chris.

I reckon CE is just being professional. Openly committing to series 2 before it is even commissioned would be unlikely as far as I can see. The guy is a genuine, UK, A-list actor... he doesn't want to stop getting other offers by tying himself to the role already. I am sure he and RTD have (or soon will) sit down with a bottle of something expensive and 10.5 million good reasons to work out some great character development for another series.

I agree though, it wouldn't surprise me to see CE fall to the Tardis floor and transform into someone not disimilar to David Tennant, come June 2006.

I used to think David Thewlis could have played a good doctor but he's quite similar to CE now though

Casanova in the TARDIS, there's a thought....

Much as I do like David Tennant, and he's certainly becoming a regular 'BBC face' (He Knew He Was Right, Blackpool, Casanova, The Quatermass Experiment) I do think that all this speculation is in danger of making him the new Bill Nighy.

And I'd really like Eccleston to do at least another year, hopefully two.

Gosh would you look at that. Hindsight eh? Cuh. But how did Neil know?

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