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Mar 25, 2005

I left my hearts in San Francisco

If I concentrate too hard on the story the red mist will start to descend, the voices in my head will start coming to the fore and I'll have to embark on a killing spree. So here's a handy cut-out'n'bin guide to the main players...

I hinted at this earlier. I think it was a huge mistake dragging the 7th Doctor into this. I'm not dissing Sly's performance as I think he gave the old guy a damn good send off, even if they have made him look like Michael Bolton. This thing is coming atcha with way too much baggage, is it any wonder they're not starting with a regeneration story this time round.
Doctor Rating: 7/9
The 7th Doctor
The one thing in this entire mess they got completely spot on. McGann is the Doctor. I had my doubts when the casting was announced but he is simply brilliant in the role. The regeneration scene is very well done, not just the CG effects but tying it into Frankenstein's monster coming alive and with the Master stealing another new body. It does go all messianic, and it's Easter too, Neil could almost have planned this meticulously. Death and rebirth... I certainly hope we get a McGann/Eccleston regeneration story in the not too distant future, for one my OCD couldn't cope with this loose end, but I wouldn't mind seeing McGann's Doctor back on TV, even if it is for a two part climax to the end of the second series. Please?
Doctor Rating: 8/9
The 8th Doctor
The campiest of all Masters. Yes he probably didn't realise what on earth was going on here. Yes he is outrageous at times but Christ in a caravan I'm loving this new, camper, Master. The master of a thousand camp one-liners. And oh so quotable.
Campness Rating: 11/10
The Master
Sudo companion Grace. Not too sure how she would have played out had this gone to series. An intelligent companion but with no real balls. Perhaps it's unrealistic to judge just how she might have continued on this one single outing. And she gets two snogs from the Doctor and allows countless Whoutlets to explore this side of the new Doctor's character.
Companion Rating: 2 snogs out of 2
Chang Lee, a Turlough for the new millennium. How thick is this boy? He had to ask Bruce what the day was and it was only the day before the biggest party in history. What a complete loser, if he really was involved in some sort of Triad-style gang warfare he would have lasted precisely 24 seconds before being shot whilst doing up his shoe laces.
Score: 17.43 on the Vislor  Scale
Chang Lee
The old girl plays quite a substantial role in this mess, suppose they needed to utilise the cavernous standing sets as much as they could. Nice to see her standing there; big, bold and bright blue as the 8th Doctor described her much later. The console room and cloister room are simply superb, cathedral like, bigger than we've ever seen before.
TARDIS Rating: Off the scale

Well there you go. Story problems not withstanding it's probably better than it might have been. My blood still runs cold at thoughts of talking TARDISes and David Hasselhoff.


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