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Mar 31, 2005

Damn you, reality...

Nope, it's all still true. Oh well, it's certainly a rollercoaster of a ride. And here was me thinking that Curse of Fatal Death was merely a delightful, rib-ticklingly funny, skit and not a template for the future of the series. Perhaps there should be a rule now that no actor remains longer than a series in the role. Would certainly spice things up.

But what of the quarries in Southern UK? No more filming in them is going to be possible as they're all going to have to be used as landfill for those 9th Doctor poseable action figures with realistic parts, eagle eyes and plattable hair extensions.

Now I come to consider the appearance of the Christmas special. Who actually proposed this? Would the BBC have said do you want a special or would RTD have gone to them and said we need a special to get over the regeneration? Think that there's a little more planning that's gone on here than is obvious from the outside, even tho it's all been badly managed media-wise. If the regeneration happens in the special then it's going to give #10 - whoever that may be - a fantastic start.

Still I can pleasure myself with this to soothe the pain.

Condo no like pain. Pain bad.


The more I think about this - bad news at it may seem - the more I am coming to the conclusion that it could have all been planned for right from the start.

I agree, especially after the slip on the Radio 2 show (I've forgotten who by) about there being 14 episodes. It does all sound pre-planned.

Would be know if the Christmas special has already been made?

I'm convinced this has all been on the books from the start. I get the impression Eccleston would have spoken to RTD before filming even began. He was just the right person to get the show off the ground. Eccles still wont be the shortest lived TV Doctor anyway.

In a way i view it as a spoiler. It would have been great to get to the Xmas special.....

Picture it.....

The Doctor takes a dalek ray, you know it hurts because you see EVERY bone. He is down, hes hurting, the Dalek taunts him, telling him he will die slowly as he deserves. Then the scrambler he planted kicks in, the dalek explodes.

Rose sits at the Doctors side, cradles him. Its too much he says and his head falls back. The features blur.......

And you didnt know they were going to do it.

Why dont they plan the way i want, bloody BBC, they even released the title of ep6. I WANT TO BE AMAZED AND SURPRISED :(

/end rant

Oh well, here we go again...I have to say that the timing by both Eccleston and the BBC is a little crass. However, that isn't going to spoil my enjoyment of this series and I am sure Eccleston is going to get better as the series progresses...shame we won't see much of him after that...I doubt the guys of "Big Finish" won't see much of him either...but who knows?? I do feel that Eccleston should have given the role more serious consideration before jumping in just because RTD is a good script writer. There is a lot of baggage that comes with the role...and you can't turn round and say "I will deal with that when it comes..." You are either in all the way...or not at all.

Anyway, it would have been more appropriate to have allowed the series to have run for a few more weeks before making that announcement. It wouldn't be appropriate to have left it to the end of the series as that is when the second series would have been in production.

I have to say that I greeted the announcement of a second series and a Christmas special with joy. Doctor Who having a Christmas special??? Nah!!! Get away...unless you count "The Feast of Steven" as being a Christmas special as well. Though I did feel at the time that given the gruelling schedule that the cast and production team endured making the first series...I couldn't see how they were going to find the time to do a Christmas special as well (and do it justice)...now we know!!!

I don't know much about David Tennent beyond the fact that he is a Who fan and 33 years old...which to my mind makes he a little too young for the part...Having said that people said the same about Peter Davison (He was 39 when he got the part). Richard E Grant seems to be the favourite in the BBC poll, however he won't get a look in either - though I think he would be a good choice, however his interpretation may well hark back to the style of the "Classic" series - as I am sure RTD has a very specific game plan as far as DW is concerned...Equally, the dynamic between the 10th Doctor and Rose would change...wouldn't it??

It will be interesting to see the viewing figures for the next few weeks to see what impact Eccleston's decision to quit has had on the show.

I can't ever remember the show getting this much media attention as it has these last few weeks...I think I am going to need to take a lie down...

Usual Suspects...

I see that the media (including the BBC) are trotting out the same usual (and mostly awful) suspects now that RTD has to search for the 10th Doctor. Nighy would be great but the others....?
Before I reveal who I think should be hounded and forced to sign a *3-year* contract, I can't help but think that this has all been so damaging and makes a third series unlikely. Unless the casting of the new Doctor is as inspired as CE, I can't see average viewers staying with it.

Anyway, doom and gloom aside, the next Doctor should be played by.....Daniel Craig! Think about it...he would be excellent! :)

Followed, presumably, by Mark Strong and then Gina McKee?

Two words: Rhys Ifans

Someone mentioned him on Wales Today this evening. And, despite the fact he's never occurred before, I now think he would be bloody brilliant. Chameleonic and just f**king mad to look at.

Failing that, surely Bill Nighy deserves a crack. He did sound disappointed when he missed out, after all.

I've no idea about David Tennant - guess I'll have to give Casanova a go now - but he sounds a bit too 'flavour-of-the-month' to me...

Rhys Ifans indeed!!! Sean that was a wonderfully inspired idea by someone...He would indeed be excellent...but would he last more than 1 season?

It is interesting to note that in his production notes for DWM a few months ago, RTD mentioned that "Doctor Who fans don't give a monkeys about Casanova"...Well if David Tennant does get the part, I suspect we will all be watching it to see what he is like. Incidently, Tennant plays "Doctor Bristoe" in the forthcoming BBC4 adaptation of "The Quatermass Experiment" along with Mark Gatiss. His face now features on the BBC Cult site for this programme...and not Jason Fleming who plays Quatermass.

Go figure as our American cousins would say...

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