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Mar 31, 2005

Choose your own adventure - Dr Who style

Right, I've had it.

All this talk of yet another Doctor - it's going to spoil this season's performance.

So I've decided I'm going to watch whoever I want to play the good alien himself.

I've printed out a few photos of the usual suspects to replace Ecclescakes and with the wonders of modern technology, and Blue Peter skills - I'm going to attach the faces of these other possible Doctors to sticks.

I shall then using the stick, place my favourite choice for the role, in my direct field of vision as Ecclescakes moves across the screen. Thanks to the amazing perception of depth thing I'm going to watch all episodes with an eye patch so that when it's a close up of the Northerner on screen I shall move the face on a stick closer to me and away from the TV so that it remains the same shape and size as the man on screen (only if I squint a bit about the ears however).

Thus I will not only be able to cast my own adventure of Dr Who - I can also try out using previous Doctors to see if they would fare any better. If during these episodes I find a Doctor I like - I can stick with him/her and then not need to worry about whoever is cast in the future as I'll have my OWN Doctor all the time.

Heck for the fun of it I might just cast someone I know in the role to see how it works. To all those still worried I recommend the same policy and you can avoid all the heartache when someone you don't like gets the part.


Have you thought about selling your puppets to OG forum members? You could make a fortune!

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