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Actually Power of Nightmares didn't say Al-Qaeda is a myth. It said the super structure and organisation of Al-Qaeda is a myth.

There's lots of different cells out there doing their own thing using help form other cells if need be - but there's no real C-I-C.

Instead Al-Qaeda is an idea and you can't combat ideas the same way you combat "normal" armys and terrorists. I think that "The New Al-Qaeda" actually backs up that thinking.


Ah, but Peter says in his opening VO that there is a theory that Al Qeada is being used by governments to impinge on civil liberties, even though it's not a "real" threat. This is basically what PoN was saying too, wasn't it?


I thought tPoN's argument was that the threat was being hyped for the political benefit of the Neo-Cons, which is unquestionably true. The part about impinging on civil liberties was less about the Patriot act and more to do with the religious right, and the irony of the similarities they share with the Islamist extremists.

'tPoN' and 'The New Al-Qaeda' don't contradict one another at all. For three years the Neo-cons have inflated the threat to secure power. Iraq, Fallujah and Abu Grab-Ass prison were all preventable atrocities that have simply vindicated Bin Ladens rhetoric for angry, misguided Muslims and made a relatively minor problem worse.

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