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les silkowski


Last year I thought they'd gone too far the other way after the boring lot of BB4 (Cameron WON for crying out loud!). However, after things had settled down and cliques were formed it provided a fantastic summer of television - perhaps second only to the legendary BB3!

Here are my views on the lucky 13 after Deeeeeey Fiiiive in da Big Brotha Housss:-

Anthony - Poser, one for the girls but too shallow to be a serious contender. Will be up for most of the fun bits though.

Maxwell - loud-mouth Cockney Shite! However, he does instigate many of the arguments and highlights so should stay in a while.

Derek - Chris Eubank in da house! What on earth possessed him to enter Big Brother? A freak who'll eventually drive the others crazy with his standards and discipline.

Kemal - For one shocking moment on exiting his arrival limo I thought 'cor, she's not bad!'. This year's Marco but more flamboyant - the Dana international of Big Brother Six. Leading player who could last the course.

Lesley - Dirty as a dog's arse! Seems thick as two short planks, the world's fattest dance student, but I like her vulnerability and in a car-crash sort of way want her to stay in for a long while yet - plus she gets naked!

Vanessa - I like her a lot. Her partnership with the gay hairdresser who's name I've forgotten has the makings of the most bitchy and gossipy one of this series - always a vital ingredient. Keep her in a good while yet. Diane Modahl from athletics and I'm a Celeb from last but one lookalike!

Saskia - Her attraction is obvious, but she really is rather boring in a Vanessa (BB5) and Tanya (BB4) kinda way. Always on about her big breasts getting in the way of her career. I'll need to see them to form an opinion, so come on Sas, don't be so boring!

Sam - Tara Fitzgerald lookalike and the horniest girl in the house. But like Saskia, has done little as yet. Has allegedly worn-out three vibrators - how does one manage to do THAT??? Perhaps a BB6 demonstration is in order, girl!

Science - meanders between clever and creative, and a somewhat dislikeable sort when pissed off. The great black hope of BB6 he could be a serious contender if he lays off the arritood, bitch!

Mary - after THAT entrance, she was always going to find it difficult to live up to it. Interesting character, liked by the majority so set to stay a while. At 8/1 odds could be a decent bet - certainly weird and different enough.

Makosi - difficult to ascentain her true personality as she's been forced to behave differently thus far due to her task. Certainly a character and a diva, so looks set for the long-run. And gets naked too!

Roberto - More than just looks. He manages to keep most of the other housemates on-side and is a popular and voiciferous character. Mediator as well, so looks set for the latter stages at least.

Hairdresser - Sorry even I've temporarily forgotten his name. I do like him though as he's a bitch and a gossip (see Vanessa). Hasn't lived up to foul-mouthed video tape entry but one of the more interesting and fascinating characters in the house.

So there you have it - my considered views thus far on BB6. Will let you know of developments etc.

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