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Paul Hayes

To be fair in 1953 they only had to learn half an hour a week... I was actually quite impressed that the actor playing Fullalove was back together and composed again by his next scene. It was the "Major news story now on BBC News 24" graphics that irritated me.

Oh, and did you spot the cameraman rushing in for the close-up on Flemyng at the end, which you could clearly see while they were still on the wide shot of Quatermass emerging from the building? :-)


To be fair - Fullalove had less than 30 mins of dialogue to learn. And while there are fluffs in the 1953 version they don't start laughing!

Paul Hayes

I like the one from "Quatermass II" when Robinson points and cries "Look, there!", waits for the film insert, realises it's not coming, and forlornly carries on with "...and there, and there, and there..."

Steve Wilson

I thought it was excellent. As for not showing a monster, I think this was an idea that would have been approved by, if not invented by, Nigel Kneale. In 1953 you might be able to get away with some knobbly gloves representing it, but this is over 50 years later and it was supposed to be live, really live, not a few live bits with filmed bits added on.
Kneale never liked the fact that in the first Quatermass movie they simply electrocuted the monster, whereas in both TV versions Quatermass persuaded it to die. I thought that scene was very daring in the new version. Now, how about Quatermass 2 - which one reviewer I'm quoting from (bad) memory said
"...was based on the entirely reasonable premise that if an alien species wanted to turn the planet into a living hell for all humans they would start by taking over the Conservative Party........"

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