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Sounds cool! Best of luck with the change.

Times Trampoline

I have a suggestion about a new name, what about Square Eyes or Chewing Gum for the eyes? Both of these were phrases coined by my parents when I lay on my arse watching too much TV, one summer day me and my Bro' clocked up around 10 hours and needless to say my Dad pulled the plug until we were back at School, bless his lil'bald head!

Paul Hayes

Alas, poor Tachyon TV website, we knew it...

But hey-ho, the blog version sounds fun, I look forward to it! :-)

Maybe we'll still get the occasional old-style 'special edition' every now and again, perhaps?

Damon Querry

I certainly hope the "demise" of Tachyon TV we be commemorated by a special Thribb in the next issue of the Eye.

Damon Querry

In Memoriam Tachyon TV, satirical sci-fi Tachyon TV is a non-profit making, bi-monthly satirical webzine.

So. Farewell
Then Tachyon TV,
At least in your current

Bit like the latest Doctor,
Except you stayed
Around for longer.

When the shit
Hits the
That was
Your catchphrase.

Keith says
You broke some news
Of interest to many
But didn’t manage to
Cross over to

Perhaps you’ll
Turn into a film
Like the Da Vinci Code.

Better luck in your
Next life
When you’ll look like
Neil Tennant from the
Pet Shop Boys.

E.J. Thribb 17 1/2

Times Trampoline

Oh EJ Thribb of Thribb and Son LOL Lord Gnome come back all is forgiven!

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