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NTL World used to do one.

Maybe Blueyonder dial up?


I just signed up to Wanadoo - it feels faster already. I wonder how long it'll take them to shut us down...

Both Blueyonder and NTL said I had to take their phone packages and - irony of ironies - we are trapped in a 12 month contract with BT because it cost them 8 grand to connect us in the first place. In related news, my brother-in-law's line is now off thanks to a third line being having been installed into a final caravan with my other brother-in-law. But the good news is that it is also screwing up the farmer who caused all the aggro in the first place. That's almost a result!


you still got ICQ then Neil matey?


Glad you got something sorted out for the net connection.

While I'm here there was something I read about on line that supposedly speeds up e-mail and webpage loading?

Some sort of specialist software. Can't for the life of me remember what it's called however.

I'd be submiting something to TTV this time - but I'm worried you'd not want to run it after you ignored my last stuff ;)

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