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Drinking numbs the pain.


Tell me about it. I'm still trying to figure out what happened in Florida.

I'm also pretty horrified at how all the hot-button issues brought out the Stepford vote.

Paul Hayes

Cheer up you miserable sods, it's not as if a) we live there, or b) it makes any difference who wins!


Drew Castalia

But that's not cheerful at all!

steve wilson

Well, by 2008 there will have been 3 presidents in 20 years, Bill Clinton, who after an unfinished blow job from Monica Lewinsky "finished himself off in the sink) and the 2 Bushes, both of whom were initiated into Skull and Bones (as was Kerry).
The Skull and Bones initiation includes masturbation (while recounting sexual exploits to the rest of the fraternity), so the most powerful country in the world will have had 20 years with a known wanker in charge (and this would have been true if Kerry had won, since he was in Skull and Bones too).

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