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Let the battle of the eyebrows begin!


The Doctor dances... again... with farting... and homosexual subtext.


David gives Billie a hug to console her - when she hears there's going to be a musical episode and she has to sing...


Rose: "My god, Doctor, you've regenerated into...BRUCE CAMPBELL!!"
Doc: "Hail to the king baby!"


Wow, that's weird... That same bogie was up your nose before you regenerated...


Mini Den was crushed when he caught sight of Sharon "helping the Doctor with his bicycle pump" (below shot, thankfully)

Paul Hayes

"Honestly David, nobody can tell it's a wig."


The Doctor puts on his charm. "I've always found you very attractive, Rose. Who's your Doctor? Come to Doctor." Rose alarmingly tries to both calm him down and keep her distance as he begins to regenerate in his pants.


Rose:'Stuff me, you have worse hair than I do.'


"Go on love - If you'll shag Chris Evans you're obviosuly up for it !"


Oh my you've turned into a cross between Jarvis Cocker and Pete Doherty


Having put up with the gurning, the wacky eyebrow lifting just gets too much for Rose as she impales the Doctor on the Tardis with a massive beam she happened to be carrying. The beam then merges with the Tardis and small Tardises start sprouting vertically down from the beam and into Rose's arm and head. Then it all gets a bit weird.


"Considering you said we were off to Planet Barcelona, this looks suspiciously like Cardiff. Again."


"You're no gonna change your name to Chris and then leave me are you? Twice is bad enough"

"Of course not Billie I wouldn't dream of it" (While thinking - If she get's too clingy... Chris Tennant it is!)


'This time, don't make out it's just the vortex energy you're after, tiger...'

James C

Stephen Moffat's latest script has caused outrage with this picture from a new raunchy scene being worked on. After the sensationally unneccessary snog at the end of the 2005 season, Rose decides she can't get enough of the Doctor, and tries out the line "Is that a Sonic Screwdriver in your pocket, or are you pleased to see me?"


You're gonna have to remove the Dalek plunger for me Rose, here, let me turn around.

Dave Slitheen

'Lots of planets have camp, sweetheart. Get used to it.'


"We could go back. And, you know, have a threesome with the other guy."


But I've played a russian sex god... why are you saying "I'd rather shag that ginger tosser"?

Peter Mark Lowdon

Cheer up Rose - the best of Billie Piper is only 3.97 at ASDA!


I just read the early reviews on Ain't It Cool News. Christ, I'm depressed...


Oh no, he's having a bland attack. Does anybody know any acting?

Raj Rijhwani

"Look, if you're going to steal Arthurd Dent's dressing gown, at least brush the dandruff off the collar."

Darth Marsden

Doctor: "Shall we dance?"


Despite Billie Piper's best efforts, David Tennant refuses to take part in the all-singing episode.


Rose: "You're no better then Mickey! He kept promising to take me somewhere exciting and the furthest he took me was Cardiff! Men."


Doctor: "Lots of planets have a Nerd."

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