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Auntie Krizu

Yo, where can I do the clicky-clicky to get an RSS feed of this to my Livejournal? 'cause that'd be "Fantastic!", et cetera, et cetera.

Looking forward to submitting stuff.


I'll sort out the RSS feed thing by the end of the week - I think Typepad generates a feed automatically but the help files aren't very, well, helpful.


Apparently Typepad doesn't offer an automatic RSS feed but you can use something called an aggregator to facilitate the same thing.

To quote the typepad help file:

"any desktop or web-based aggregator which reads RSS feeds is appropriate for use with TypePad"

Apparently you subscribe via the Syndicate this site link on the left.

To be honest I've never dabbled with RSS before. If anyone can offer any advice or confirm that they can subscribe to Tachyon in this way, then I'd be very grateful


A friend of mine has already created an LJ feed:


If you are using Firefox as your browser you can automatically add the RSS feed by clicking the icon in the lower status bar and saving the link as a Bookmark.

Hope that helps in the short-term

Neil Perryman

It works automatically in Safari 2.0 too.

I think anyone with a news reader or aggregator can subscribe to the xml rss feed (see link to left) but if anyone has any problems just let me know.

Paul S

The new format looks great in ie but is dead in firefox :(

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