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Aug 27, 2006

The Perfect 10.

The Empty Child & The Doctor Dances wins Hugo Award for Best Dramatic Presentation, Short Form.  Written by Steven Moffat and directed by James Hawes.  Wikipedia entry lists the competition and here is the vote breakdown.  Seems to have been a close run thing with Battlestar Galactica: Pegasus. [via]

UpdateOn his blog, Paul Cornell describes picking up the award on behalf of Steven Moffat.


Perhaps unfortunate for the Battlestar Galactica episode that having lost out to Doctor Who for the first place vote, it then got beaten in the second and third place positions too. Giving Doctor Who a slightly misleading 1-2-3 sweep of the category.

Good news all round, though.

A well deserved award if there ever was one.

Smacks a little of the show still basking in its post-sixteen year break / triumphal ratings return (delete as you see fit) glow; though admittedly the three episodes honoured were by far the cream from Year One's crop.

The litmus test will be when we're sitting around here this time next year, seeing what BAFTAs / NTAs / Hugos Season Two has garnered. Besides GITF and (controversial this one) L&M, what episodes would anyone dare suggest broke the mould and produced some truly memorable television?

As for the BSG snub, don't even get me started.

Those three are among the best Doctor Who episodes of all time.

Not sure if there's any other standouts in S2 though.

As Sean said, Girl in the Fireplace and Love & Monsters -- but I'd also include Tooth & Claw. Its unusual that a series would only be nominated so prevalently one year only to be ignored the next so it'll be interesting to see what does get the nod next year.

... also don't forget that the Pudsey Cutaway could also qualify...

Battlestar Galactica was robbed! ;-)

In the legendary words of the mighty Barry Davies:

"...and quite frankly, who cares?"


I can't believe BSG lost out to Doctor Who! The winning episode was the best of season 1, but it's excessive to say it could even compete with BSG's plotting, characterization, suspense, and timing.

I've only seen the mini-series and Season One, but surely the problem with that series is that the episodes, being as they are part of a greater arc, less easier to distinguish? I remember other shows losing out in the past for much the same reason ...

And, y'know, late-season Buffy has won this gong in the past. How picky can they be?

Stu - Babylon 5 won this a few years running and that had a very heavy arc. What surprises me is how a two part 90-minuter can be called 'short form'?

Still, good news about Serenity...

Tim: Which Buffy episode won?

I suppose it depends on a Sci-Fi show catching the interest of the judges. Fans of the Buffyverse are usually in complete agreement that Seasons 2 and 3 are the best, and yet the later series got more awards purely because it was a recognised phenomenon. And Angel is far superior, yet it never got the awards because it never made enough of an impact in comparison. Had it lasted a couple more years past the end of Buffy, it would have probably received the recognition it deserved.

If Doctor Who hadn't been brought back, and instead a new show was commissioned with the same writers, it wouldn't have made anywhere near the same impact for the same standard of scripts. Very few shows have the ability to make that sort of impact with the first series unless there's something extraordinary about it, which is why it'll be interesting to see how Life On Mars fairs this time next year, considering the unprecedented hit it became almost instantly. How it fairs in America will be quite different.

True -- and that was before the catagory was split up -- http://www.worldcon.org/hy.html -- although I notice that BSG did win last year. And "Gollum's Acceptance Speech, 2003 MTV Movie Awards" in 2004!

Since when can multi-episode stories be nominiated? Seems a bit unfair, given Pegasus is 1/3 of a story. I guess that means next year BSG can nominate both parts of the season two cliffhanger. No way any other series can compete with that.

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