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Apr 02, 2005

I can smell chips...

Goodness, who saw that coming? Although cleverly not mentioned by name, poof goes Gallifrey, The Doctor's home planet. And the rest of The Timelords. Fans everywhere wonder if the series is going to suddenly become a continuation of the books (where it also apparently happened) in what's probably the most comitted and gripping plot point in telefantasy since Buffy died. As the for the rest of tonight's Doctor Who, wasn't it just excellent? Exciting, scary, emotional. Eccles demonstrated what a loss he'll be and Billie continued her one girl battle to prove that you shouldn't assume anything about anyone. Yes it was very Hitchhikers but in a good way. And one of the issues I had with the first episode has already been fixed -- the music here was fine. Including the pop. Who the hell expected Soft Cell and Britney Spears? Very zeitguesty. It also, unlike last week, featured scenes which went on for longer than a few seconds and allowed the characters to breath. It's just a shame The Moxx of Balhoon bought it. I liked that little blue alien. I can smell chips...


The Doctor letting Cassandra die was interesting; I'm not entirely sure if he was getting revenge, or if he really thought he had the right to decide when people have passed their sell-by date.

Perhaps its years of watching Joss Whedon programming but I definately think something else was going on there. He's definitely the Doctor but there is something else going on with him connected with the destruction of Gallifrey. But it could also be a way of demonstrating that as an alien, her has a different moral code.

On an unrelated topic, do you think there were many parents having to explain what prostitution is to their eight year olds?

I imagine RTD was hoping that kids were in the middle of asking what a concubine was when that slipped out!

I loved the whole episode - even more so on second viewing, especially little things like Jabe's ID recorder, the throwaway dialogue from the Moxx, and The Face of Bo getting a wipe down at the end after the heat of the station had misted him up.

However, am I alone in being a bit disappointed in the "bicycle pumps, bells and Heath Robinson junk" method of controlling the TARDIS? Surely Time Lord technology is a little more advanced than that - although it did give a great humourous shot of The Doctor "pumping away" for all he was worth.

Maybe it's just as well that this incarnation of the TARDIS doesn't appear (yet) to have anything more than a console room. Imagine to trying to get a good nights sleep on THAT journey!

I quite like the whole pumping thing. I think it's to give the feeling of something akin to a submarine, and actually it gives those Tardis scenes a more visceral quality. For the first time, you actually feel as through they're travelling somewhere.

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